About Us

South American wines delivered direct to your door

Founded in 2008 by Keith Johnson to showcase the quality and diversity of wines from Argentina in particular at that time, a quality that is now being seen across the wine regions of South America, with Brazil and Uruguay strongly entering the world market with premium wines for export.

At South American Wines Online, our focus is away from the large wine brands found on the supermarket shelf and gondola end such that the wines we stock are specifically selected because they are not widely available, if at all, in national retail outlets. The wines on sale on South American Wines Online are typically sold in restaurants and other local independent specialist wine merchants.

These are food-friendly wines, carefully selected to give adventurous wine drinkers the chance to discover new grape types, new wines, new countries, new wine regions and new winemakers beyond the mass market of wines from the big global wine manufacturers.


WHY SOUTH AMERICA? South American has an unrivalled diversity of wine producing regions.

In Brazil, Vale do São Francisco is on a latitude between 9° and 10° South, which is the closest wine region in the world to the equator .... closely followed by Peru's Ica Valley which lies at a latitude of 14º South.

By contrast, Patagonia at latitude 39° south is one of the southernmost vineyards in the world

In Cafayate, Salta in Argentina, high altitude wines from 2,300m above sea level make them the highest commercial vineyards in the world.

In Chile's northernmost Elqui Valley adventurous wine producers have transformed a tract of desert into a green vineyard that produces award winning wines

A unique diversity of terroir to appreciate if you want to discover wines beyond the mass market... that's why South America!